Company profile

EMMA-Plotters.de is a subsidury of KATPLOT that was Founded in August 1987 by its owner Kurt Herboth to provide the German electronics design industry with manufacuring equipment, such as:-

Dry Cabinets,

Temperovens, Vakuumovens, Klimatchambers,
Data-Logging for Humidity aund Temperature,
CoolnDry Longtime storage over many years for electronic components,
E-CAM Software, GerbTool, Gerber data Editor,
Thermologgers 5000, Five channels
Exhibitionstand for sale.

In 1990 the product line was expanded to include CAM-Software like GerbTool for the electronics manufacturing. In 1992 the Emma 210 220 vector photoplotters with sales and service for Europe and South America were added. This business line was later expanded to include LDI UV-Laser-Direct-Imaging and UV-Diode-Dircet Imaging from LIMATA.

In 2008 a new product line dry storage cabinets for moisture sensitive SMD componts from Dr.Storage a leading manufacturer from Taiwan were added.

Suppliers include:-
CAM-Systems from Wise.
Vector photoplotters from EMMA.
DDI-LDI UV-Direct-Imagers for PCBs from Limata.

Contact Data:-
Manager: Kurt Herboth
Address: PO-Box1104 D-85551 Kirchheim Germany
Tel: xx49-8123-92311 Fax: xx49-8123-92312
Email: info(at)katplot.de Homepage: www.katplot.de