EMMA-210 WITH A Wealth of Features

• Unique linear motor X-Y co-ordinate drives - no brushes to wear out, few moving parts - no maintenance is necessary.
• Superb positioning controls - feedback via high-resolution linear glass ruler gives precise positioning.
• High plot speed gives high throughput.
• Acceptance of Emma, Gerber and HPGL input languages enables applications not only in PCB manufacture, but also barcodes, hybrid circuits, chemical miling, mechanical and graphic design.
• Built in light-proof covers enable daylight operation.
• Emma 210 include a precision chrome-on glass slide for accurate image generaltion, including a wide range of circles and squares, plus user-definable images.
• Superb edge definition and constant plot density.
• Cast iron structure for long-term accuracy and stability.
• Precision glass projector slide for accurate image generation.
• Very low noise operation.
• Glass plate plot capability.
• Built-in vacuum system to hold films flat.capability.

Long-Life Precision Technology
Among the most important factors in the choice of photoplotters is the accuracy specification. It is vital that all photoplotts used for subsequent high-cost operations are created to the highest level of accuracy. Emma achieves the specification you demand through a number of innovative approaches to plotter design. Not only do these features ensure precision photoplotting the day you install Emma, but by careful engineering the ensure that plot accuracy is maintained for years to come.

Fixed geometric optics ensure precision image transfer and the long life halogen light source assembly is pre-aligned providing straightforward replacement. Exposure control is totally automatic once film paramenters are entered. In addition, all parameters are user adjustable.

Simple-to-Use Controls
You need very little training to operate Emma photoplotters. The Emma 210 includes a simple to use control panel with liquid crystal display. It provides everything you need to operate the photoplotter, an of course we supply comprehensive user manual to quide you every step of the way.

Customer Support
An important item when purchasing capital equipment is the level of factory support. Our plotters are designed and manufactured to give years of trouble-free operation. However, our service support is prompt and efficient. Emma customers world wide are not just purchasing a piece of equipment, they are obtaining a quaranteed support service for the entire working life of their photoplotter. You will find our highly trained staff hepful on every occasion.

Straightforward connection to CAD-Systems are supplied with MIPLOT software which can be installed on most Windows-PC-compatible computers..